What if you could truly be seen, heard and understood without being judged? Does any of the following sound familiar?

You’ve got the yoga pants on but somehow never made it to practice. Somedays, self-care feels like another item on the never-ending to-do list even though you know it will make you feel better.

You’ve built a career or business but none of those skills seem to make you more confident as a parent. You wonder what would happen if only you had time to read more books, do more research or find the right consultant. 

You are embarrassed that you don’t have it all together yet and question if you will ever feel like yourself again. You want to enjoy mothering more but all the related tasks are consuming your time and energy. More weighted down than free spirit, you are nostalgic for your former freedom.

Interrupted sleep, body changes, hormonal shifts and the abundance of choices have you exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling out-of-control in your own life. Even when you can get to bed on time, your mind is so busy it keeps you awake. 

You have become more dependent on your partner than ever before but sometimes can’t help feeling a little resentful or lonely. Meanwhile, other people around you don’t get it. And some days, mood swings make you think about whether you should schedule a therapy appointment.

You can’t help questioning advice from doctors and self-proclaimed experts but are hesitant not to follow it. Yet, part of you still wants to follow your intuition. You judge yourself for being sensitive or having to set so many boundaries.

Of course there are blissful and joyful moments but you didn’t expect it to be this way and are wondering if it’s because you did something wrong or are lacking something. Or were you misled?

Hi. I’m Reise. 

I help folks navigate the waves of labor and changing tides that come with the parenthood journey. (In German, Reise means journey, travel or crossing, literally a wake-up call or arising.)

I am an experienced guide who is intimately familiar with these seas. Together we map a course according to your unique desires and needs. I am known for helping people find their own way (your true north) without getting lost in shoulds, guilt, shame or blame.

My superpowers are deep listening and insight. The most common words people I work with use to describe me are compassionate, intuitive, and knowledgeable. Here’s some of what I know…

  • I know that being a parent is like wearing your heart outside your body. It’s the most vulnerable thing.
  • I know that courage is not the same as fearlessness. Courage is when love becomes more important than fear. 
  • I know that birth is only a day (or two or three in a few cases) of your entire life but the memory of it influences who you become as a parent and individual. 
  • I know that frustration is often a desire in disguise. 
  • I know that pregnancy and birth are rites of passage, not events that we can just intellectualize, strategize or think our way through.
  • I know that birth choices, reproductive rights, gender equality and feminism are all sides of the same coin. Inevitably, these topics arise with becoming a mother.
  • I know that relationship is everything and it is human to yearn for more connection and belonging (no matter how much our culture values independence or how badly we have been heartbroken in the past).
  • I know that nobody’s life is as perfect as it appears on their social media posts. And that we can look perfect from the outside while falling apart within. 
  • I know that of the things weighing you down, some don’t even belong to you in the first place. That’s other people’s stuff and I can help you unpack it.
  • I know that being honest and compassionate are not mutually exclusive and that having needs is human.
  • I know that owning your truth does not have to make anyone else wrong and that you do not need to wait for permission to do it. 
  • I know that underlying most actions, there is at least a nugget of good intention. Find that and you’ve struck gold!
  • I know that nobody goes unchanged by the journey to motherhood. And there are many ways to mother and to be a mother (however you identify).

How about we explore this together?

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Prefer to hear what other people have to say?

[Reise has] a perfect mix of warmth, spiritual/mindful sensibilities, medical knowledge, and experience to reassure us that she will be an outstanding guide no matter which way our path turns.

Tessa & Dan P.

Reise continues to help many parents find their way through this scary-amazing process with mindfulness and joy!

Liz S.

It’s rare that my highly skeptical brain feels overwhelmingly positive about any person, class, method, etc, but I did with Reise. I both learned a lot and really enjoyed her style of teaching and wealth of information and resources. She balanced hospital and planned homebirth information really well, helping us to feel comfortable, particularly since we were the only couple in the class planning to birth in our apt. Thanks so much for an encouraging and informative class!  

Carin and Jeff

Reise is a wealth of knowledge and was able to address so many intangibles and questions. I am super impressed by her teaching skills too! I feel so much more confident!


I have truly appreciated getting to learn from Reise’s experience — her caring and compassionate spirit really comes through.

Sam H.

We really enjoyed our class with Reise — it was an awesome way to start connecting with the experience in a way that we have always hoped. We’re already feeling more at ease and looking forward to more. The learnings were great, we loved how she “taught the crowd” rather than the material, but more importantly Becca and I both felt very at home, peaceful and connected in a way we have been working to try to get to. 

Becca and David

Thank you for your guidance, direction, and encouragement. I really enjoyed your approach – holistic and spiritual in a way. Very inviting. I know Andria absorbed a lot of good vibes. You were able to impart many concepts that feel both a-ha! and eternally wise at the same time.

Ryan W.

Reise is a kind, compassionate, and thoughtful educator and guide. Reise took the time to answer all our questions. She created a safe space for us to ask anything and covered topics we were interested in. She also went above and beyond to give us guidance about an issue we were having. We highly recommend working with Reise!

Erin and Evan

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