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You know it’s a big deal but somehow parenthood seems so much more complicated and confusing than it ought to be.

The learning curve feels steep and the tasks seem to pile up. If it continues like this, will there be more mommy blues than mommy bliss?

Being informed is usually empowering, but too much information and advice can make you overwhelmed, doubtful and frustrated when it comes to what to do and who to listen to. 

At the same time, there isn’t always time to look things up and sift through what’s out there – let alone process your experience, integrate your new identity and learn to follow your intuition – especially when you’re already busy, tired or distracted by competing interests.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of personalized map or guide?!

It’s hard to know where to go for the support you actually desire or if it even exists. The pediatrician doesn’t have answers and therapy seems like a major commitment that doesn’t speak directly to what you are coping with (or perhaps you have a wonderful therapist who just doesn’t know enough about parenting, postpartum hormones and pelvic care or how they fit with the big picture). 

Friends don’t always get it and family can be too quick with advice that doesn’t resonate. Connecting with other moms would be helpful (and maybe you have already done that) but it’s not always convenient and sometimes you need a quality of attention that just isn’t possible through social avenues. 

You need someone who gets it without labeling, pathologizing or having an agenda other than helping you find your own way. 

Deep listening, insightful reflection and nourishing guidance shouldn’t exclude the physical, emotional or practical aspects of the motherhood journey. 

I’ve blended certifications in life coaching, a graduate degree in psychology and specialized training in trauma healing with two decades of experience as a doula, women’s holistic health practitioner, pre/postnatal yoga instructor, mindfulness teacher, new parent educator and group facilitator. Having accompanied women and their loved ones in the thick of countless labor waves, life contractions, transition stages and transformative rebirths, I know first-hand how to be of service when people don’t have time and resources to waste while not getting their specific needs met. 

Please note: I am not another lifestyle coach, expert or self-acclaimed parenting guru selling you my personal story and projecting my system onto you. 

My approach is informed by actual experience and extensive education. I’ve tried a lot of things myself and learned from my mistakes (those are guaranteed if you put yourself out there and even if you don’t). But I look to the thousands of women whom I have had the privilege of working with and time-tested tools from wisdom traditions, as well as developmental psychology, social neuroscience, matrescence theory and deep inquiry practices that illuminate your own intuition and knowing.

I don’t want to convert you to a way of thinking or convince you of a camp that you need to join. There are no labels or strict methodologies that I ask you to swear allegiance to. Unlike some forms of therapy, you won’t be pathologized and in addition to listening, I provide support in a range of modalities related to your embodied experience. I am trained in lactation support, perinatal care, hormones and child development, as well as bodywork and other healing processes. 

We go beyond theory and intellectualizing, so that we can attend to your wholeness. There is no need to exile any aspect of your life such as values, culture, spirituality or sexuality.

Also, I am not here to create dependency or take credit. While I love working with clients longterm to make radical and lasting changes, inspire unshakeable self-acceptance, practice living more authentically and owning their truth, my goal is to do my job so well that I work myself out of it and to help clients see themselves as sovereign over their own lives. At the same time, I help clients to dis-identify from the influence of out-dated socio-political systems and cultural conditioning that are no longer serving them.

There are several ways to work with me as your guide/mentor/coach. Each one is designed to meet the particular demands around becoming a mother.

You won’t need to leave your house or plan your day around it. Instead of contorting yourself to fit another obligation or expectation, we figure out what works best for your situation. You are invited to show up as you are and where you are starting from (hot messes and spilled milk welcome!). 

What would you benefit from? Read on or book your FREE Mom Support Plan Consultation now to map out the best way forward from where you are starting.

Clarity & Confidence Call ~ aka Breakthrough Session.

A single 90-minute phone or Zoom call devoted to the shift you need to move forward. Receive a tidal wave of support for when you would benefit from targeted attention on a single issue or a booster shot of clarity and confidence around a topic.

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The support of a three-month (or longer) container for commiting to your own transformation and emergence as you integrate your new identity as a mother, process your experiences, adapt to your new life with the addition of a child, balance your own needs with everyone else’s and stay connected to what lights you up and keeps your batteries charged. You will emerge with proven tools and newfound wisdom.

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Birth Story Healing Session

Process and integrate your pregnancy and birth experience while letting go of limiting beliefs and repetitive or intrusive thought patterns. Get unstuck, release guilt, shame and blame, and find the answers you need. You gain new perspectives that better serve you for more empowered mothering, presence to the life you have and relationships that nurture. Also available for birth workers for births they attended and who may carry vicarious trauma.  

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Private Perinatal Classes or Virtual Doula Services

Bespoke preparation and expert guidance from an experienced childbirth educator and seasoned doula that allows for ease of scheduling, personal attention, individualized curricula and the ability to work within a budget while optimizing time. Since everyone is starting in a different place, I meet you at your current level of understanding, match your favored learning style, reflect your specific circumstances yet remain flexible to draw from a wider range of topics than would otherwise be possible. The focus is targeted towards what is most relevant for your unique situation and desired goals. My approach draws from evidence-based research, multiple-sources of information and perspective that include public health, allopathic medicine, midwifery, traditional wisdom and holistic approaches, as well as from first-hand experience attending births and working with thousands of parents. The aim is to co-create an experience that makes childbirth preparation accessible, practical, empowering and fresh in a non-dogmatic and nonjudgmental way. Typically, four to eight hours of face to face time via Zoom. In person may be arranged if local or travel expenses covered. Email to inquire.

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