Reise Tanner, MA, PhD candidate, is a seasoned doula, educator, Certified Courageous Living Coach, Advanced Birthing From Within Mentor, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and mother who has accompanied hundreds of families on their birth journeys and taught thousands. She views the birthing process as an initiation and believes that each birth has the power to be transformative and meaningful for everyone involved. Her mission is to change the world by shifting the culture around birth and postpartum, making it friendlier to mothers, babies and future generations. 

Reise has attended many midwifery and birth-related trainings in the US and abroad, having learned directly from birth luminaries such as Pam England, Elizabeth Davis, Gloria LeMay and Naoli Vinaver Lopez. She has trained doulas, spoken publicly on panels and presented to the medical community and academic conferences. She has been a yoga instructor since 1997, as well as a holistic women’s health practitioner certified in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy for pregnancy, postpartum and newborn, and a Lactation Counselor. 

Reise first began birthwork after attending a Natural Resources doula training and is a longstanding member of their education team. For several years, she served as the perinatal educator for the Women’s Center at California Medical Center’s Mission-Bernal Campus where she led birthing preparation intensives, postpartum circles and prenatal/postnatal yoga classes. Reise facilitates a doula mentoring program, regularly leads classes in childbirth preparation and postpartum circles, as well as online courses. She is the creator of the innovative programs: Wild Return and Wild & Rooted. Her classes blend practical information, up-to-date research, fresh insight, traditional wisdom, story-telling and experiential learning that engages mind and body in a sacred and supportive space. 

Reise earned an MA in East West Psychology in 2021 and holds multiple related certificates. She is currently pursuing a PhD focused on depth psychology, ecopsychology, and applied mythology at the crossroads with feminism, indigenous traditions and liberatory methods. Her research positions birthwork as sacred activism and mothering within feminist discourse while exploring archetypes of the Feminine and centering what has been marginalized. She is simultaneously working on writing projects related to childbirth and motherhood. Whenever possible, Reise loves to travel, explore the wonders of the natural world, attend cultural events, immerse herself in reading and dance, and hang out in the company of her loved ones. She resides in a story-book cottage between redwood trees on Ohlone territory with her partner, son, dog, cat and nine chickens. Having been raised in New York City (Lenapehoking), she hopes to one day have time for learning how to garden.

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Still hanging out? Let’s get a little more familiar.

  • Horoscope: Double Virgo
  • Enneagram: The Hostess
  • Fascinate: The Connoisseur
  • Meyers Briggs: INFJ, 
  • VIA: Perceptive, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Curiosity, Love of Learning, Creativity
  • Strengths Finder: Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Temperance, Transcendence, Justice
  • Core Desired Feelings: Sanctuary, Sovereign, Aliveness, Beloved, Truth
  • Deepest question: What would love do? 
  • Mottos: It’s the how, not the what. Life doesn’t get in the way, it is the way. There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.
  • Indulgences: dark chocolate, buying too many books, visiting the Korean bath house
  • Dislikes: Bell peppers, Very Ripe Bananas, littering, any kind of cruelty
  • Random facts: I have held a red panda bear in my lap, hand-fed reindeer, walked barefoot across burning coals, climbed temple ruins on three continents, ziplined from the Great Wall of China, excavated ancient shards of pottery in the Holy Land, swung on a trapeze, studied ancient hula in Paris and wrote the draft of a book about why new moms get depleted.

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