Pregnancy & Preconception

There has to be more to having a baby than this.

You have this sense that pregnancy is about more than remembering to take fish oil, keeping up with weekly emails that compare your baby’s size to fruit, being the target of unsolicited stories about difficult births and buying the right stroller.

What they call “prenatal care” seems like it should be more than a bunch of tests and dietary restrictions that potentially cause more anxiety and stress without addressing what is really on your mind or in your heart.

You know well the feelings of anticipation around childbirth that go back and forth between excitement and fear. And you’ve felt the tension between trusting your body and trying not to get too attached.

There is a part of you that is still trying to figure out what you should actually be worried about or doing. This is especially true if you experienced challenges getting or staying pregnant. 

Somehow, your ancestors figured out how to do this without the internet!

It would be nice if there were ten steps to follow that would guarantee an orgasmic birth. At the same time, you are tired of all these rules and birth philosophies that put people into boxes.

Social Media feeds of celebrity pregnancies and momfluencer advice are not helping.

It’s a distraction from just slowing down and savoring the experience (which may not be so appealing if you are having nausea, bouts of vomitting or lower back pain).

None of these things are helping you to feel more calm, confident or connected with your baby and partner. It helps you to be informed, but you know this is more than a head game. Yes, the right vitamins are important, but even if you are not ready to say it out loud…

There’s something missing. 

When does maternal instinct and intuition kick in?

Isn’t there also supposed to be something spiritual or sacred about this process? 

Still, you would already do almost anything to keep your baby safe and healthy. You want to avoid unneccessary risks and to do this right.

Pregnancy can be more than just something to get through or strategize about. 

Regardless of whether pregnancy comes about easily, unexpectedly or after a long journey that includes reproductive assistance and a lot of intention, the journey to motherhood can be transformative and empowering. 

Regardless of whether you are planning a homebirth with a birthing tub and processing your placenta, pre-ordered an epidural or were prescribed a Cesarean, you can have a positive, personal, satisfying and soulful experience. 

Regardless of whether you are doing it solo or with a partner, have a non-traditional family constellation or vision of how to do it, you can feel supported and connected. 

Birth is initiatory. It involves meaningful tasks of preparation, not merely checklists. 

Mindfully embrace your pregnancy and birth in alignment with your values and who you are. 

Let go of what to expect, passivity and people pleasing while opening to new possibilities of agency, authority, empowerment and yes, enjoyment.

Let me be your honest and compassionate guide who knows the landscape intimately but is totally open to your journey and devoted to helping you and your loved ones chart your own path.

You can have someone in your corner who believes in you, holds your hand, has your back when needed and provides compassionate reassurance throughout.

I’ll show you how. Offerings include:

  • Consultations
  • Coaching Support
  • Doula & Virtual Doula Services
  • Bespoke Private & Group Classes that nourish mind and body
  • Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation
  • Early Pregnancy Guidance
  • Mindfulness, Movement & Breath Practices
  • Holistic Postpartum Preparation

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xo, Reise

Please Note: Reise also teaches childbirth intensives and series regularly for Natural Resources and other organizations. For those classes, please contact those organizations directly.

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