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Doula, Midwife, RN, Therapist, Bodyworker, Health Practitioner, Care Provider or however you show up as a helper or healer is integral to your identity.

Being of service is more than a job for you. It’s a calling.

You want to make a difference in people’s lives and it comes naturally. 

But when it comes to giving that same support to yourself, maybe you’re not always following your own advice. 

Ironically, you may struggle with some of the same things as your clients. 

Whether this shows up as under-earning, over-giving, excessive busyness, codependency, lack of boundaries with clients or working with people who don’t fully appreciate you, signs of burnout, compassion fatigue or symptoms of vicarious trauma — you’re not giving from a full cup.

On top of all this, there’s a good chance you’re doubting yourself because it’s in the nature of caregiving to be selfless and self-abnegating. 

It can show up as imposter complex, perpetual self-improvement projects, procrastination, and holding back on offering your truest gifts because it matters so much to you.

Not having everything figured out is not a failing on your part and actually makes you more empathetic, relatable and authentic.

Holding space for others can be draining and has a cost no matter how much you love it. 

Contrary to cultural conditioning and the socialization of girls in our society, there is no real reward for playing small, silence, stoicism, self-sacrifice and martyrdom. This is internalized oppression and it needs to be dismantled!

Sustainability, longevity and balance are not typically taught in doula training, nursing school or the mainstream education system. But they are necessary ingredients for careproviders who want to be effective and impactful.

It’s time to rewrite the rules around giving and receiving.

Fortunately, birthwork is an invitation to self-development and transformation which positively affects everyone involved. 

Whether you consider this personal growth, a spiritual path or your heroine’s journey, this is where awareness meets action and self-care meets caregiving.

You are worthy of the kind of compassion and care that you provide to others. Now, it’s your turn to be seen and heard by someone who really gets it and who gets you. 

There are a number of ways that I work with professionals from training, mentoring, coaching, workshops, an online programs and apprenticeship opportunities. I also welcome professionals to learn from attending my parent classes and accept invitations for speaking engagements, podcasts and as a guest presenter.

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Benefit from my two decades of experience as a birthworker, educator, facilitator and empowerment coach, as well as extensive training and education in midwifery, mindfulness, traditional medicine, (decolonial) depth psychology and women’s studies.

I approach motherhood as belonging to feminism, birthwork as sacred activism and true self-care as essential. All of these are radical and revolutionary.

Be midwifed as you rebirth yourself, reclaim your sovereignty and seed your original medicine/native genius/soul’s gift.

And if you are just starting on your birthwork journey, let’s help you start off on your best foot.

Because everyone needs and deserves support whether they are birthing a human, project, career, vision or new version of themselves. And this just might change the world.

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